Web Development

Build Great Software. Make Lives Better.

Software is really just another tool designed to make your work easier - it doesn’t matter if it’s a 1-page marketing site or a custom application that your business relies on to keep the lights on. The best software is built by creating relationships with clients and users to understand their pain points. An important piece of this process is asking questions and listening. More often than not, the blueprints to building great software is in their minds. My job is to help translate it into code.

Services for every step in the SDLC

UX Design & Development

The front-end has always been where I’ve carved my niche. Need someone to code out your mockups to precision AND have it elegantly responsive? Snazzy effects that take the layout the extra mile? Javascript development? I’ve got that for you in spades.

Full-Stack Development

Full-stack includes knowledge and experience in system administration, development best practices, back-end languages & services, front-end user experience & design. It's truly a jack-of-all-trades. In my case, you also receive a “master of some”. While I have my favorites, I'm adept to working in a myriad of languages.

Wordpress Development

The Wordpress platform has not only made it easy for website owners to easily manage and update their site, it has tremendously lowered the cost to entry for a elegant and well-built sites that also have the powerful customizations to fit almost every unique business need.

Website Management

Front-end to back-end, request to response - I can help make sure your site or application is running on all cylinders. There are so many moving parts that go into it and you can’t afford for something to slip through the cracks and deal with an unplanned outage that could have easily been avoided if someone merely took ownership of the ecosystem.

Roadmapping & Strategy

Building most software doesn’t always have a true beginning and end, it’s an ongoing process where requirements and features change over time, just as your business and clients change as well. Building a strategy to deal with change will help keep you competitive and providing the best products and services to your customers and clients.

Usability Consulting

Planning and design can really only get well-intended software so far. Its first real test of its usefulness happens when it’s used by real end-users. Let’s face it, after 100’s of hours, it’s easy to overlook some obvious shortcomings. Not only is their perspective fresh but it’s also that of someone who knows the pain of what’s currently available and they’re just itching to help make it better.

Application Prototyping

Prototyping helps bridge the gap between sketches, wireframes, and mockups (design phase) and the implementation phase where the assumptions made planning, analysis, and design can be tested faster and cheaper than building the entire system.

About John Stuifbergen

Hello! I’ve been a software consultant for almost 20 years. So long, in fact, that I once thought table-based layouts were a godsend (inside joke). I’ve always been energized by great ideas, building lasting client relationships, and creating web software that helps make work easier to manage.